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ETSC Technologies is a professional Photonics solution provider since 1997 headquartered in the Optics Valley of Wuhan, China. With 18 years of experience, ETSC Technologies has dedicated itself to the optoelectronic product development, marketing and to provide professional turnkey solutions. Based on our professional technique, standardized quality management and outstanding corporate culture, ETSC Technologies has become a reputed optoelectronic products and solutions supplier.

Our products are mainly used in a wide range of markets and applications: spectroscopic study, optical fiber communication, aerospace, quality inspection, national defense industry, material processing, biological medical treatment, information security and related industries.

With strong technical capabilities, a rapid developing speed and an unhindered work atmosphere, ETSC Technologies provides an open work atmosphere so its employees can develop their creativities, potentials and work with enterprising spirit and tremendous enthusiasm. In the future, we will continue our exploration and innovation in the domain of Photonics and we will keep providing the highest quality products and comprehensive services to our global customers.


Typical projects done by ETSC since 1998:

  • 2014: ETSC Euro
  • 2013: Aircraft Inflight Fiber Sensing System
  • 2012: Acceleration 200TW Femtosecond Laser System
  • 2011: 4KW Laser Monitor System
  • 2011: Setup 4000KW laser monitor system for blank welding application at Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation.
  • 2010: Setup all parameter testing system used for TDM for Accelink.
  • 2010: Setup 2000W Fiber laser monitor system used for laser welding application.
  • 2010: Setup laser online monitor test system for car white body welding for Shanghai General Motors.
  • 2010: Setup Fluorescence lifetime test for Solar power material research.
  • 2010: Setup automation testing system used for Wavelength Select Switch mass production.
  • 2009: Setup Laser Peening System (terawatt\hundred-terawatt\megajoule) for Jiangsu University .
  • 2009: Setup UV laser scribing system and liftoff system for high power LED production.
  • 2008: Setup Fluorescence lifetime test system for new materials for Beijing University.
  • 2008: Setup Excimer laser Micromachining system and auto bonding system used for OLED mass production line.
  • 2008: Setup complete optical receiving system used for Doppler wind lidar application.
  • 2007: Setup automation burn in/life time system for high power LD(package L4).
  • 2005: Finished the gas sensing instrument developing base on narrow line width LD technology.
  • 2004: Setup 10TW high energy laser system.
  • 2003: Setup automation testing system used for SLD mass production.
  • 2002: Setup TO can laser diode burn in/lift time monitor system for SAE used for FTTH market in Japan.
  • 2001: Setup UV(355,266nm) DPSS laser from Photonics Industrial used for Laser Rapid Prototyping.
  • 2000: Setup the first Excimer laser Micromachining system from RESONETICS to HUST.
  • 2000: Promote the first MEMS base OVA from Light connect to Huawei, ZTE, Fiberhome.
  • 1999: Promote the first 100GHz AWG from Kymata(GB) to WRI.
  • 1998: Developed the Chinese first filter base 100GHz DWDM modules with WRI Wuhan.