Photon counting

PicoQuant is known as a company leading in the field of pulsed diode lasers, time-resolved data acquisition, single photon counting, and fluorescence instrumentation.

Development and production of photon counting devices based on solid-state Single Photon Avalanche Photodiodes (SPAD).

Quantum Opus offers a compact (3U-rack sized) superconducting nanowire system which offers high detection efficiency, low-noise performance which is easy to use, even for researchers with no cryogenics experience. We offer standard products optimized

NIREOS is a spin-off company from Politecnico di Milano and is located in Milan (Italy). In the last 5 years, in our laboratories we have developed an innovative interferometer with unrivalled performances in terms of precision, stability and spectral working range. Based on this device, we offer a series of products for spectroscopy, such as interferometers spectrometers, spectrophotometers, spectrofluorimeters and spectropolarimeters.

Single photon counting modules. So-called single photon counting modules are used to count single photons. These photon counters, sold under the brand name COUNT®, offer phenomenally low dark count rates and a high detection efficiency.


Photon Force specializes in time-resolved photon counting image sensors. Our mission is to provide innovative, high-quality, and accurate sensor technologies to promote accelerated research in fields such as biomedical imaging, quantum imaging, imaging through scattering media, single-photon LiDAR, and beyond.

We manufacture near to mid infrared frequency standards for the calibration, metrology and gas sensing industries. Our lasers and components are installed in thousands of products around the world.