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Powerful Technology Strength

ETSC Technologies cooperates with many well-known photonics companies from North America, Europe and Japan. In order to keep it up with the advanced technology in the world, during the past years we have established our international offices in Canada, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Europe.

In 2012, we have invested several millions of US dollars to set up a professional measurement center for laser and optoelectronic products in our global headquarters. This center has the leading worldwide laser and optoelectronic measurement equipment. Our professional team composed of engineers, doctors and senior experts thrives to provide high-quality products and professional turnkey solutions for customers' specific applications.

In 2014, we created our European headquarter in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium to be able to work even more closely with our research partners, meaning that ETSC has determined to transform from a solution provider to a photonics company with its own know-how and technology.

Standardized Service System

In order to provide high-quality products and professional services, we established a complete and scientific service management standard.

● We provide suitable products and complete system solutions according to customers' actual conditions and specific requirements.

● We evaluate the customers' existing systems, provide maintenances and customizations according to customers' requirements.

● All repairs and calibrations follow the instructive procedures by the manufacturer, which can be retrospect to international standard.

● We provide on-site service in order to accelerate our after-service and minimize the customers' cost.

● We provide technical training for operation, application and equipment maintenance.

As a consequence of our quality-driven policy, we have been mandated to be the exclusive after-service center in China for Luna Technologies (United States), American Ultraviolet Co. (United States), Thales Optronique S. A. (France), PicoQuant (Germany), Primes (Germany).

Advanced Development Ideas

After years on the market, we have accumulated a strong technical experience and market resource by undertaking thousands of projects for telecom industrial and scientific researches. Therefore, we can use our know-how in order to provide products, technical support and services for universities, research institutes and enterprises.

We are closely following the latest development in the industry and strengthening the communication with different professions. We have successfully participated in international and domestic well-known events. In the meantime, we regularly invite senior experts and scientists to join specific technical seminars and to introduce the latest technological developments in the Photonics industry.

“ETSC creates excellent service for you” is the vision we always share with our customers and business partners. If you want to know how we can help you grow, please contact our advice desk and let it be the first step towards a fruitful partnership!